Someone contacted me telling me a story about why they became vegetarian. I am not going to say their name, because they might not want me posting that in the blog. He/she was in their car going somewhere when he/she noticed some feathers on the windowshield. They were coming from a truck in front of them! It was full of chickens most likely going to a slaughter house. Their heads were loose and wobbling around. they were smooshed in one foot by one foot cages. The person was astonished, and he/she will never forget it. And that is why that person became vegetarian.


05/05/2010 5:08pm

Thanks for choosing my story to to post about on your blog! I can't wait to show my family!


Someone's Sister
05/06/2010 6:52pm

Hey there! How weird that your friend saw a chicken truck and became a vegetarian! The same thing happened to my sister and my friend Jemima! And also my Uncle Joe Bob Fred Frank, except for him it was a truck of penguins!!!!!!!!!

05/06/2010 7:28pm

Hey, Katie, nice site! You should tell people how to get to your website on Ben's comment page.

05/08/2010 7:06am

i'm not tatay;taytay, are you clara?

05/19/2010 8:23pm

Esh,who are u?and this is georgie,she doesnt even go on bens site or katies,i'm sorry she only goes on to youtube and watches videos,bye!!!

07/24/2010 12:19pm

omg that is so sad! i'm so vegetarian now!i hate it when theydo that

You know me but i wont show my name
10/25/2011 7:07pm

Thats unforgetable!!!! I want to become vegitarian but my family eats meat alot so it wouldnt be a good enviroment I am not saying my family isnt TOTALLY awesome but I think I would need a GREAT support system


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