Hey everyone! We are really happy that you all are regularly viewing our site and learning more about animal cruelty and about vegetarianism and how to be vegan! This month we are introducing an exciting contest! It's a writing contest!
Here are the guidelines:
Your essay or short story should be about your experience being vegan or vegetarian. If you aren't vegan or vegetarian and would like to participate, that's great! You would make your topic a short story about someone who is vegetarian or vegan or you could write an essay concerning animal cruelty. 
Please make your writing one page to one paragraph. 
The winner will save a turkey Katie and I will adopt in your name and donate to Farm Sanctuary where he/she will lead a safe, happy life! 
Thank you so much, and remember, just by entering you give an innocent animal the amazing chance to live their life happily. When the contest concludes in two weeks we will post the link so you can adopt a turkey to donate to a safe living shelter.
P.S, e-mail us your entries!


10/19/2011 21:00

I will be writing for this contest very soon. :)

10/19/2011 21:23

This sounds awesome!

10/26/2011 17:38

Um... Where do we enter it (the essay/story)? On the 'Contact Us' page, on here, on the blog or should we email it?


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