Our new organization, Thinking First, founded by Katie Benmar and Anna Galbraith, raises awareness about the terrible methods used in factory farming and slaughterhouses. Though you may think to yourself that one person becoming vegan or vegetarian won't help put a stop to innocent animals being killed. It really will. These animals do not deserve to be killed. They are innocent. We must help our furry friends and stop treating them cruely. You might not be vegetarian or vegan because you get a lot of your nutrition from meat or dairy. But in this modern time there are so many other options that are just as nutritious that there really isn't a need for meat any longer. Substitutes for meat and dairy include numerous options found in your local grocery store or market. It isn't fair to eat meat and we have to stop not only to protect animals all over the world but to protect the environment as well.


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         Katie Benmar
        Anna Galbraith