Hello Everyone, I just got around to writing our new July newsletter, and we hope you enjoy it!

 With summer vacation in full swing if you have extra time, you can do so much to help animals and the environment! Activities like gardening, reading, bike riding, playing outside and dropping the video games are all green activities that can be really fun! 
 Here is a list of fun activities for the summer time! 
Bike riding in Ravenna Park:
We love to go bike riding in this shady fortress of discovery. With a playground at hand and animals and streams all around, what better place to spend a warm afternoon? 
Tired of your drab yard? Go to a nearby plant nursery and pick up a few colorful blooming flowers to spice up your summer!
If you have neighbors a few doors down or friends a call away try these fun games to make your day a little more enticing.
Chain tag:
This games requires at least four people. You start out with one person being it. Then as they tag people you form a chain of people who are it. You play until everyone is part of this long chain! 
The long pour:
2 long sticks
10 paper cups
2 buckets (same size)
2 players
First you fill eight cups with water. each player will need four cups with water and one empty cup. Each player will also need a bucket. Then, you tie the stick (ideally bamboo) to each of your hands so it is resting on your shoulders. Then you take the empty cup in one hand and the full cup in your other and try to get as much water into the empty cup as you can. Then you pour the water in that cup into your bucket. You repeat these steps and when you're finished you see which player managed to get the most water into their bucket. 

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08/05/2011 21:51

Awesome! I like helping the planet into a greener place. Riding bikes, public transportation, walking, etc. Fireworks do a lot of pollution, though they may be cool. :)


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