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This August newsletter is mainly about a slow food (opposite of fast food) festival I went to in Snohomish. I, armed with a pad of paper and a pencil, walked up to the info booth. Here is my conversation with the volunteer working there.

Me: Hello, I run a website for vegan and vegetarian kids. I was wondering what vegan options you have here.

Volunteer: Uhhhhh, vegan? Um, well, let me check.

-Volunteer goes and talks to another woman supposedly of higher authority-

Volunteer: Well, um, we... have a sandwich... called the... Veg Head, and so... um...

Me: Yeah, we saw that on your website. It has cheese.

Volunteer: Ohhhh... well... you could ask them... to... like, leave the cheese off?

Me: .......

-Volunteer goes and talks to the same woman and brings her over to me-

Woman: Hey! I heard you're vegan! Well, there's this REALLY GREAT  sandwich called the Veg Head. I just tried it- it's delicious! 

Me: -giving up- Ok, thank you. I have another question. On your website I saw this event for kids 12 and under you were holding. It was called Munch This, and it put down healthy food. It said "Try three gross food items and win a prize!" It listed items like tofu, dill, and seaweed. I personally love all three of those, and I was wondering why you chose to put down healthy food at a festival trying to promote it.

Woman: Oh... you know, that was canceled because the chefs were so busy with other things that they were completely unprepared for Munch This... you know... well... what was your organization called again? 

Me: Thinking First.

Woman: Well, I can tell that you and the folks at Thinking First are maybe a bit more educated than most kids about healthy food and I thank you for being aware. I would love to have you and others at Thinking First come and promote healthy living for kids next year, if you would be up for that. You would be in charge of the kids food department! How about it?
Well, I thankfully agreed and so now Thinking First will be coming back next year to the festival and running the kids food department, promoting healthy food for kids! 


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08/30/2011 22:08

Awesome, hope it goes well!

10/11/2011 18:19

That's awesome!

12/04/2012 19:24

12/26/2011 18:52

It's Cool! I hope you guys are going in right path~By the way, I'm Susan Yi!

03/20/2012 16:18

nice job it is funny hope people can be so stupid!!


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