Ahh!! Did you know that some salad has more fat and calories then the Double Down? Usually it's the salad at fast food restaurants, not the salad you make at your house. It has more fat because of the salad dressing, cheese cubes, and little bits of ground, dried meat sprinkled over the lettuce. Who knew salad could be unhealthy? Weird!!
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There is a new sandwich coming out at kfc. Instead of bread, it has FRIED CHICKEN! Talk about unhealthy! The meat for the sandwich is BACON (very fatty) and it has some sauce on it that you probably don't want to know the ingrediants for. This whopper of a sandwich is coming out on April 12th. I can't believe anyone who would eat that! Plus, its all the day's calories in one sitting! I heard this news from www.benandthenerds.blogspot.com. You can visit it at the website adress above. Thanks for reading my blog!

           p.s I hope you enjoyed that advertising I did, Ben! :)
Double Down sandwich! In a word: EWWW!!!! :)