Good news! I got a contact from Armando, an English professer in Mexico! He likes my site and made a link to it from his site. So, returning the favor, I will make a link to his! Please check it out. it is pretty cool, even if you can't read Spanish. It is
Hi, I just wanted to say that there is a new poll on the home page that I would really like to know the answer to. PLEASE VOTE! The option that wins will have pictures posted of that animal in the gallery. It's up to you!
Hi! This is for all of you who like making random websites. I just think that the whole website creating idea is sort of getting out of hand. I mean, people just make websites with random things that aren't really necessary on them. Then, they don't even add anything! I just think making websites should be a big project that you have to work hard on and that you really care about finishing, not just some random thought like "Oh my gosh I'm SO bored, how about we make yet another website?" I know this all started because of me, and I am sorry if it's my fault this got out of control.

I know a lot of you know how badly KFC treats its' chickens. Although many people have protested, they do not listen. Kendall came up with the idea of writing a letter and petition about it. Please comment if you want to help! Thanks!
Bad news, readers. KFC expects to sell its 10 MILLIONTH Double Down sandwich on June 2, 2010. The company is going to extend the selling of the Double Down so long as it stays high in demand! Now, McDonalds Big Mac seems HEALTHY (compared to the D.D), which was never in the history of the world expected. Check out this link my grandpa sent me.

P.S, Thanks for the coverage on the article, Huffington Post!

Click on this to go to the article about the Double Down.
The mysterious Secret Sauce that covers the Double Down is finally revealed! Go to the last comment of the "You Won't Believe This" post and look at it. Thanks to Ben for giving me this news. (The sauce is disgusting.)
 Someone contacted me telling me a story about why they became vegetarian. I am not going to say their name, because they might not want me posting that in the blog. He/she was in their car going somewhere when he/she noticed some feathers on the windowshield. They were coming from a truck in front of them! It was full of chickens most likely going to a slaughter house. Their heads were loose and wobbling around. they were smooshed in one foot by one foot cages. The person was astonished, and he/she will never forget it. And that is why that person became vegetarian.
Ahh!! Did you know that some salad has more fat and calories then the Double Down? Usually it's the salad at fast food restaurants, not the salad you make at your house. It has more fat because of the salad dressing, cheese cubes, and little bits of ground, dried meat sprinkled over the lettuce. Who knew salad could be unhealthy? Weird!!
 New polls! They will be on the Home page, and I will put a new one on every Friday. Please take the polls and give me your feedback!! The first one iss... What is your Diet? Omnivore, vegetarian, or vegan? Check it out on the home page!
There is a new sandwich coming out at kfc. Instead of bread, it has FRIED CHICKEN! Talk about unhealthy! The meat for the sandwich is BACON (very fatty) and it has some sauce on it that you probably don't want to know the ingrediants for. This whopper of a sandwich is coming out on April 12th. I can't believe anyone who would eat that! Plus, its all the day's calories in one sitting! I heard this news from You can visit it at the website adress above. Thanks for reading my blog!

           p.s I hope you enjoyed that advertising I did, Ben! :)
Double Down sandwich! In a word: EWWW!!!! :)