Hi! This is for all of you who like making random websites. I just think that the whole website creating idea is sort of getting out of hand. I mean, people just make websites with random things that aren't really necessary on them. Then, they don't even add anything! I just think making websites should be a big project that you have to work hard on and that you really care about finishing, not just some random thought like "Oh my gosh I'm SO bored, how about we make yet another website?" I know this all started because of me, and I am sorry if it's my fault this got out of control.

Ben (the nerd)
7/3/2010 10:54:18

Weebly should have a limit for how many sites you can make. Also, my site was not because of you. I made it a couple of days before you showed your site to the class.

7/4/2010 10:49:11

I think it does. I mean, Weebly wouldn't let me create more than two, and my parents wouldn't let me create more than one. That's why Taytay's world was never created. Boo hoo.

7/5/2010 23:03:15

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3/12/2011 00:07:04

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